Itinga Charity Education Foundation – ICEF

Itinga Charity Education Foundation-ICEF is a Non Profit Organisation that aims to advance the Education of disadvantaged children living in Northern Uganda through provision of scholarships and grants, provision of scholastic materials and facilities for Education.

We are inspired  by  our Christian  faith and strong  belief  that  we are  called  to  the  ministry  of helping  seriously  disadvantaged  children  through  Education.

The main Categories of children that we support are Orphans and children whose parents have deserted them, Children and youth from very poor families. 

Children with Disabilities

The majority  of  children  that  we sponsor  are  children  with  visual impairment,  apart  from awarding  then scholarships,  we also provide  them with  essential  braille  materials.

Paying school fees is a big challenge to many families and children, especially, girls who drop out of schools before they have completed their primary level and children with disabilities who are kept at home because parents may not afford disability Aids, equipment and paying for them to go schools.

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Our Partners

Itinga Charity Education Foundation is a registered charity NGO in Uganda ( No. INDR 157265068NB ).
We work in partnership with Imara-Uganda Education Fund UK, registered charity in England and Wales.
Imara Uganda Education Foundation Fund. We are, because they are!