When a child gets a  sponsor,  the child looks at that sponsor as a family. At Itinga  Charity Education  Foundation, we care for our children’s academic and social well-being.

During times of uncertainties, Covid lockdown, and school closures,  we were concerned to know how they were.

Uganda had the longest school closure in the world for 22 months, many children lived in fear of uncertainties,  they were unsure when schools would be opened and they feared dropping out of school.

Ministry of  Education published self-study materials and introduced teaching over the radio and on television to allow continuity of learning.

Our sponsored children live in poor families who were experiencing difficulty in helping them to access homeschooling materials. And besides, they live in areas with limited access to electricity. 

 In order  to  address these challenges  , we provided  the following  items to  facilitate  continuous learning.

Solar Lamps

Most  of the  scholars  come from  remote  villages with  limited access  to  electricity so we provided  them with  solar  lamps  to help  them  read their  books  at night.


We supplied  each scholar with  a portable  radio that  uses dry cells  for  them to learn  and access  information  over  the  radios.

We also  provided smart  phones  to all our beneficiaries  at tertiary and  universities  so that  they  could  access online  studies.


Uganda  is an Agricultural  country  , people in rural  areas  depend  largely  on farming  for their  livelihood. However,  in the  recent  years  , most farmers experienced a poor yield. First,  there was dry spell in 2019, the year  2020 – 2021 was not any better  either,  desert locusts  invaded the Eastern  and  Northern  part of Uganda, followed by floods, and then the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic.

Our scholars  and  families  were struggling  to  get sufficient  to eat . This  is  not  part of what  we  do but  there was need to  help. 

We supplied them  and  other  families  in the  communities  with maize flour, rice, beans,  laundry  soap and sanitary pads.